Services - Fencing, Gates & Hedge Removal

Our already extensive list of services also include fencing, gates and light groundworks. Our division of professional fencers can tackle every style of fencing over any land condition, and made from any medium of material, whether it be wood, steel or and mixture of the two to provide the best outcome for the situation.

See below for some of the popular example of the type of fencing and gates we can provide.

Our fencer worked for Martins providing fencing for the railways and highways agency, they only work with the best quality materials using only pressure treated outdoor timber (where available) and provide the highest quality service.


Timber Products

We use only best quality timber to produce our fences and gates, the timber isn't dipped or dyed it is pressure treated with chemicals to protect the timber from its core so rough sawn edge and new cuts don't even need treating to protect them, this plays a large part when constructing entire fences from wood because the posts are protected against the moisture when in the ground longer than an rough saw timber would.

If you require, some of the woods do come coloured so just ask.
Timber Bundle


Traditional Cant Rail

Feather Edged Boards

The traditional post and chantered rail fence finished with feather edged boards. Live backing onto public land or footpath? Then our fences can be built to help withstand unwanted attention.

Concrete Post & Panels

The more popular modern type of fencing, concrete slot post and panels. With removable panels they can be easily replace or removed for access.
Concrete Slot And Panels
Ranch Style

Ranch Style

Ranch style fencing is a quick and easy method of creating boundaries where security isn't the key element but creating a pen is. Hedge rows can easily be planted to provide further security in the long term with the fencing protecting it as it grows. Stock wire can also be added to stop animals from entering or escaping, different grades and sizes can be used to stop different animals.


Picket Fencing

Picket style fencing is idle where aesthetics are important, they can be used to create boundaries or section parts of the garden off or an open space. Gates can easily be added. Each pailin can be finished in a different style, flat, round, pointed; just enquire.

Picket Fencing

Other Styles Of Fencing Are Available On Request

    Sheep & Stock Wire Netting & Stakes
    Wooden Fencing For Addition In Height To Walls
    Bespoke Steel & Iron Works
    Steel Palisade Security Fencing
    Chain Link & Meshweld Fencing
    Mesh Panel Fencing
    School & Playground Fencing



Large Field Gates

Simple wooden field gates can be made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. They can also include vertical pailins to make them pet proof. These gates are constructed from high quality pressure treated timber so they are protected from the elements. High quality galvanised steel accessories can be added to ease of use, such as a variety of latches and hinges.

These gates also come with the option of having a horn topped design (seen in this photo) or not seen on the photo below.

Large Field Gates
Small Field Gates

Small Pedestrian Field Gates

These gates are the same construction as there larger counterparts but are used limit vehicular access whilst still allowing foot and animal traffic if needed.


Large Driveway Gates

Large driveway gates are tall and secure and create an effective barrier and deterrent to unwanted attention. There sturdy design gives them a long life span and stops them from dropping and warping. These too are constructed from pressure treated timber so they require no treatment to make them weather proof.

This example shows the 6-7ft design.

Driveway Gates Driveway Gates



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