Services - Commercial And Public Sector

    We offer a wide variety of tree services independantly to the commercial sector taylored to your needs, whether is be annual maintainance, amenity works, site clearences within the construction industury or the removal of problem trees. We currently work alongside maintainace companies who are contracted to a large section of the Brewery Industustry and the Associated Community Housing, also with large scale Ground Works/Civil Engineering and the Construction Industry.

    The Sectors We Support

      Schools and Achademies

      Parish and Local Councils

      Local Playgrounds, Parks & Sports Fields

      Housing Associations & Private Housing Contracts

      Ground Works & Civil Engineering Projects

      Construction & Building Sites

      Chain & Franchised Businesses

    Below are a list of the basic services we offer but each one or a variety can be conjoined to produce the desired outcome which meets your specification and your needs as a company.


    Tree removal by using a specialized directional cut at the base of the tree to bring it down safely and under control.


    Tree removal by accessing the canopy using specialist climbing equipment and bringing the tree down in sections. Click Here To See For Yourselves

    Crown Reductions

    Reduction of the entire canopy by a percentage of its original size, the tree is accessed by rope & harness and every branch is reduced in length until the correct shape is obtained.

    Crown Thinning

    Reduction of the canopy density by a given percentage. The overall appearance of the tree isnt altered instead more sunlight can pass through the canopy making it less oppressive and allows fauna and flora to thrive.

    Crown Lifting

    The lowest limbs of the canopy are removed to push it higher up the tree to make it more aesthetically pleasing, to remove obstruction and to allow more light to penetrate through to ground level.

    Crown Cleaning

    Works to remove dead, dying, diseased, defective, damaged, crossing and rubbing branches from within the crown of the tree to remove immediate of inherent overhead dangers. This process encourages healthy growth and gives excellent visual aesthetics.

    Proximity Pruning

    To remove or prune back sections of a tree to remove it away from a fragile obstacle, such as chimney stacks, windows, roof tops and public access routes.

    Formative Pruning / Reshaping

    A combination of all of the above applied to younger specimens of tree to help eradicate defects and increase longevity.

    Pollarding / Repollarding

    To reduce a tree back to a natural growth node in order for it to regrow, this process can help regenerate older specimens instead of removal or can help produce a crop of timber from one tree. Not every species can be pollarded as they do not respond well to the process; limes respond well as well does hawthorn, whereas conifers and oaks do not.


    All styles of fencing available to suit any purpose and application including custom gates and openings.

    Trimming / Reductions / Shaping

    Leylandii, Conifers, Hedges and Shrubs.

    Site Clearance

    Large scale operations undertaken to clear large sections of land for further development and management.

    Shrub Base Removal

    Sometimes that corner of the garden just needs clearing or re-vitalising.

    Fungicide & Pesticide Applications

    Bug and pest control on a wide variety of plants along with weed and bramble control.

    Stump Grinding / Excavation / Chemical Treatment

    Some stumps are just too big to dig out stump grinding is the only real way to do it.

    Hedge Planting / Removals

    We stock a wide variety of different types of hedging from Beech to Yew.

    Local Authority Planning Applications

    Local authorites can place a "Tree Preservation Order (TPO)" on any specimen tree in their constituency, these TPO's stop any works being done to the tree without a planning application first being sumitted, such as it would be to build an extension to your property. We have close working relationships with all our local LA's and can apply on your behalf to undertake work we deem professionally necessary by applying for the work through the correct channels. Check your house deeds to see if you have any TPO's attached to your property or ask us check when we come visit you.

    Tree Surveys & Appraisals

    We can survey individual and groups of trees to BS5837 standards for Building requirements, Morgages, Insurances and other planning requirements, as well as appraisal just to give you peace of mind.

    Site Specific Risk Assessments & Method Statements

    All our works are undertaken following site specific risk assessments and our procedures follow method statements set out by the hse for safer working.

    Dangerous / Windblown Trees & Hard to Reach Areas

    Some trees become dangerous through time, get affected by harsh weather and grow to outlive their means in hard to access areas. We apply a combination of special rigging techniques which we have adapted from years of climbing and high access work to help us reach our goal. NO TREE REMOVAL HAS BEATEN US YET!

    Insurance Work & Claims

    Had a tree fall, a branch or dead wood damage your or your neighbours propery. We liaise with your insurers and get the job done hassel free until the matter is fully resolved.

All of our work is carried out to the highest BS3998 standards, working in accordance with the latest practices in tree work put in place by leading professionals, NPCT and the Arboricultural Association to insure that our work is a cut above the rest.

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